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Complex Analysis and its Applications

International Conference "Complex Analysis and its Applications"

The International Conference “Complex analysis and its applications”, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Science,  professor Vladimir Nikolaevich Dubinin, will be held from May 30 to June 5, 2021 at the Branch of the Kuban State University in Gelendzhik.

Organizers of the Conference: Kuban State University, Kuban Science FoundationPetrazavodsk State University, Volgograd State University, Institute of Appkied Mathematics of RAS Far Eastern Branch, Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics of RAS, Steklov Mathematical Institute of RAS, Sobolev Institute of Mathematics of RAS Siberian Branch. The conference is supported by a mega-grant from the Laboratory "Multidimensional Approximation and Applications" of Lomonosov Moscow State University.

The purpose of the conference is to discuss the current state and current trends in the development of the Complex Analysis and its applications.

The scientific program of the Conference School includes the following topics: Spaces of Analytic Functions, Holomorphic Mappings, Multidimensional Complex Analysis, Geometric Function Theory, Quasiconformal Mappings, Potential Theory, Related Questions of Analysis.

The editorial board of the journal "Problems of Analysis" (see https://issuesofanalysis.petrsu.ru) provides an opportunity to publish articles presented at the conference "Complex Analysis and Its Applications" and successfully peer-reviewed, in journal № 3 for 2021, which will be dedicated to the hero of the day V.N. Dubinin. An article drawn up according to the rules of the journal (see https://issuesofanalysis.petrsu.ru/info/page.php?id=188) must be sent to the journal by June 20, 2021 (e-mail: issuesofanalysis@gmail.com) In the message, it is necessary to indicate that the article is being submitted within the framework of the conference "Complex analysis and its applications".

Working languages of the Conference School: Russian, English.

Program Committee:
Chairman: A.I. Aptekarev, Corresponding Member of RAS, Director of Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics of RAS.
Members of the Program Committee: F.G. Avkhadiev (Kazan Federal University), V.A. Babeshko (Kuban State University), V.I. Buslaev (Steklov Mathematical Institute of RAS), E.M. Chirka (Steklov Mathematical Institute of RAS), V.Ya. Gutlyanskii (Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics of NAS, (Ukraine), A.G. Losev (Volgograd State University), S.R. Nasyrov (Kazan Federal University), D.V. Prokhorov (Saratov State University), A.G. Sergeev (Steklov Mathematical Institute of RAS), D. Shoikhet (Holon Institute of Technology, Israel), A.Yu. Solynin (Texas Tech University, USA), V.V. Starkov (Petrozavodsk State University), T. Sugawa (Tohoku University, Japan), A.K. Tsikh (Siberian Federal University), S.K. Vodop’yanov (Sobolev Institute of Mathematics of RAS Siberian Branch), M. Vuorinen (University of Turku, Finland).

Organizing Committee:
Chairman: M.B. Astapov, Rector of Kuban State University
Co-Chairmans: V.V. Anisimov, Director of Kuban Science Foundation, M.A. Guzev, Academician of RAS, Director of Institute for Applied Mathematics of RAS Far Eastern Branch; A.V. Voronin, Rector of Petrozavodsk State University; E.A. Kalinina, Rector of Volgograd State University.
Deputy Chairmans: B.E. Levitskii (Kuban State University), A.P. Solodov (Lomonosov Moscow State University), A.S. Losev (Volgograd State University), V.V. Starkov (Petrozavodsk State University).
Members of the Organizing Committee (Kuban State University): A.E. Biryuk, D.Y. Gamayunova, M.N. Gavrilyuk, M.V. Golub, A.S. Ignatenko, V.A. Lazarev, M.V. Levashova, N.N. Mavrodi, E.D. Ostroushko, E.A. Shcherbakov.

Organizing Committee Address: 149 Stavropolskaya Str., Krasnodar 350040, Russia, Kuban State University, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Department of Function Theory.
E-mail: coman@kubsu.ru
Conference School Website: http://coman2021.confirent.ru



Conference venue: 
The Branch of the Kuban State University

Accommodation planned: Hotel “Krasnaya Talka” (Gelendzhik). Arrival – May 30, 2021, departure – June 5, 2021. Conference participants arriving in Krasnodar will be transferred to the hotel by bus.

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Knowledge sphere: 
Thematic focus : 
Комплексный анализ и его приложения
Accommodation of participants: 
353460, Krasnodar Region, Gelendgik, Lunacharskogo St., 126.

No materials

Abuzyarova NatalyaRussiaOne property of the zero (sub)sets of the function invertible in the sense of Ehrenpreis
Afanaseva - Grigoreva AnnaRussiaExtremal Partitioning Problems for p-Harmonic Robin Radii
Aptekarev AlexanderRussiaOn Uniform Convergence of Rational Approximants for Algebraic Functions
Avkhadiev FaritRussiaBilateral estimates of functionals of mathematical physics
Babeshko VladimirRussiaRefined Model of Lithospheric Plates in the Problem Tsunami Forecast
Bakhtin AlexandrUkraineTo be announced
Biryuk AndreiRussiaOn the optimal shape of the gyrodine rotor
Blyzniuk KristynaRussiaOn the solvability of boundary value problems for the inhomogeneous Schrödinger equation in the class of equivalent functions on noncompact Riemannian manifolds
Borodin PetrRussiaApproximation by simplest fractions in unbounded domains
Buslaev ViktorRussiaEquivalence of the Carathéodory and Schur criteria
Chirka EvgeniyRussiaHarmonic foliations on a Riemann surface
Dadashova IradaAzerbaijanAn approximation problem with a new characteristic
Drozdov DmitryiRussiaFiniteness intersection criteria for fractal squares and cubes
Dubinin VladimirRussiaCritical values of the finite Blaschke products
Durmagambetov AsetKazakhstanNew estimates for the Riemann zeta function
Dyachenko AlexanderUnited KingdomGaussian hypergeometric functions with integer parameter shifts
Dymchenko YuriyRussiaCapacities of Generalized Condensers with A1-Muchenhoupt Weight
Eberline NicolayRussiaOn conjugation problem in the theory of elliptic equations
Efraimidis IasonUSACriteria for univalence and quasiconformal extension for harmonic mappings on planar domains
Eshimbetov MardonbeckUzbekistanThe method of the unified Fokas transformation for wave equations on metric graphs
Fayazova ZarinaUzbekistanAbout one control problem for a pseudo parabolic equation
Fazullin ZinagurRussiaOn necessary and sufficient conditions in the trace theory
Filatov VladimirRussiaMassive sets and a Liouville-type theorem for solutions of elliptic semilinear equations on non-compact Riemannian manifolds
Golub MichailRussiaApplication of semi-analytical hybrid methods to determine the spectral properties of waveguides with inhomogeneities
Goryainov VictorRussiaEvolution families of holomorphic mappings with two fixed points
Graf SergeyRussiaOn quasiinvariance of harmonic measure
Grigorieva ElenaRussiaGeometric properties of the Hausdorff metric and its analogues in the problem of object reconstruction from its projection
Goncharov Alexander TurkeyLebesgue constants for Cantor sets
Guzev MickhailRussiaTo be announced
Ignatenko AlexanderRussiaVariation problems for spatial modules
Isaev KonstantinRussiaRiesz bases of normalized reproducing kernels in radial Hilbert spaces of entire functions
Kabanko MichaelRussiaFunctions of infinite order in upper half-plane (with K. Malyutin and T. Shevtsova)
Kalmykov SergeiChinaOn boundary interpolation with finite Blaschke products
Karmanova MariaRussiaCoarea Formula for Functions on Sub-Lorentzian Structures
Kazantsev AndreyRussiaOn the critical points of the Mityuk radius
Khabibullin BulatRussiaIntegration of meromorphic functions and differences of subharmonic functions
Khalknazarov AskarUzbekistanBehavior of the Poisson Integral on the Boundary of the Matrix Ball
Khiznyakova EkaterinaRussiaTo be announced
Khudayberganov GulmirzaUzbekistanTo be announced
Kinder MikhailRussiaOn the critical points of the Mityuk radius
Klyachin AlexeyRussiaMaximum principle for solutions of the modified Newtonian gravitational potential equation in an unbounded domain
Klyachin VladimirRussiaUsing Hausdorff metric in problem of detection the spatial orientation of objects by its projections
Kompaneets EkaterinaRussiaDifferential inequalities for polynomials
Kondrashov Alexander RussiaOn the uniqueness of the solution of the Laplace - Beltrami equation with a closed level line.
Krivosheeva OlesyRussiaA fundamental principle for unbounded domains
Kruzhilin NikolayRussiaA local version of the fundamental theorem of projection geometry and CR-geometry
Kudryavceva OlgaRussiaDomains of univalentness of holomorphic mappings of a circle into itself with two fixed points
Kurbanov BukharbayUzbekistanOn Morera's boundary theorem in matrix domains
Levashova MariaRussiaThe variational method in the theory of quasiconformal mappings
Levitskii BorisRussiaVariation problems for spatial modules
Litvinov VladislavRussiaMathematical modeling of vibrations of an unbounded string with a moving boundary in a nonlinear setting
Losev AlexanderRussiaSome aspects of potential theory for elliptic equations on Riemannian manifolds
Lysov VladimirRussiaOn some properties of multiple Kravchuk polynomials
Lyapin AlexanderRussiaOn the rationality of sections of multidimensional recurrent series
Malyutin KonstantinRussiaFunctions of infinite order in upper half-plane
Malyutina AleksandraRussiaOn the module of continuity of mappings with an s-averaged characteristic.
Markovsky AlexeyRussiaDiscrete equilibrium of a flat compact
Mazepa ElenaRussiaOn the stability of solutions of the inhomogeneous Schrodinger equation under coefficient variations on non-compact Riemannian manifolds
Nasybullin RamylRussiaHardy's inequalities for the Jacobi weight and the Nehari-Pokornii type univalence conditions
Nasyrov SemenRussiaRamified coverings of the Riemann sphere and uniformization
Osypova MarynaRussiaInequalities for Quadratic Forms Involving the Neumann Function
Otemuratov Bayrambay UzbekistanA multidimensional boundary analogue of hartogs theorem on n -circular domains for integrable functions
Pancenko AliceRussiaUniform convergence of piece - wise polynomial solutions of minimal surface equation
Parmonova Rukhsat Tag'aymuratovnaUzbekistanStructure of essential spectra and discrete spectrum of the energy operator of four electron systems in the impurity Hubbard model. Quintet state
Poluboyarova NataliaRussiaStability of the extreme surface given by the graph of the function
Prilepkina ElenaRussiaConvexity of the p-harmonic radius of a circular sector
Prokhorov DmitriRussiaSolutions to the Loewner equation via combined driving functions
Ryaboshlykova DaryaRussiaOn the stability of solutions of the inhomogeneous Schrodinger equation under variations of its coefficients on non-compact Riemannian manifolds
Sadullaev AzimbayUzbekistanFurther development of the pluripotential theory
Saranchuk YuryRussiaAbout one operator of the shift type
Sergeev ArmenRussiaQuantum differentials and function spaces
Semenko EugeneRussiaOn a linear conjugation problem, arising in the models of the flow over an obstacle.
Semenko TatyanaRussiaOn a linear conjugation problem, arising in the models of the flow over an obstacle.
Shabalin PavelRussiaThe Riemann-Hilbert boundary value problem for the generalized Cauchy-Riemann equation with a singular coefficient
Shchepin EvgenyRussiaOn greedy summations of tensor products of operators
Shcherbakov EvgeniRussiaFree Boundary Value Problems and Symmetryzation of the Functions and Domains.
Shcherbakov MikhailRussiaSearch for an equilibrium nano-drop. Extended Young's formula.
Shevtsova Tatyana VasilyevnaRussiaFunctions of infinite order in upper half-plane (with K. Malyutin and M. Kabanko)
Shishkin AndreyRussiaOn the definition of a convolution-type operator in the space of analytic functions
Shlyk VladimirRussiaRemovable sets for weighted Sobolev spaces with a Muckenhoupt weight.
Silchenko EugenyRussiaАn extension of the maximum principle for quasilinear parabolic equations
Sitnik SergeiRussiaProblems in the modern theory of transmutations
Solodov AlexeyRussiaDomains of univalentness of holomorphic mappings of a circle into itself with two fixed points
Solynin AlexanderUSAGeometric Transformations in Analysis: Dubinin's Road to Symmetry
Starkov ViktorRussiaDifferential inequalities for polynomials
Sugawa ToshiyukiJapanInternal geometry and boundary structure of a domain
Svidlov AlexanderRussiaOn the completeness of families of fundamental solutions for the biharmonic equation
Tashpulatov Sa’dulla MamarajabovichUzbekistanStructure of essential spectra and discrete spectrum of the energy operator of four electron systems in the impurity Hubbard model. Quintet state
Tatarkin AlexanderRussiaOn homogeneous q-sided convolution equations with periodic indicator
Tetenov AndreyRussiaOn self-similar continua satisfying finite intersection property.
Tsikh AvgustRussiaTo be announced
Trukhlyaeva IrinaRussiaOn the uniform convergence of polynomial solutions to the equation of an equilibrium capillary surface
Tyaglov MikhailChinaOn some generalisations of the Hawaii conjecture
Vasyliev VladimirRussiaOn conjugation problem in the theory of elliptic equations
Viharev SergeyRussiaThe Liuoville-type theorem for the elliptic inequality of a special type on Quasi-model Riemannian manifolds
Vodop'yanov SergeyRussiaNew results and current problems in quasiconformal analysis
Yakhshiboev MakhmadiyorUzbekistanOn Hadamard–Chen fractional integro-differentiation
Yaremenko LudmilaRussiaOn the radius of starlakeness of p-valent functions

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